Comed Landlord Agreement Form

Enter into agreements to ensure continuous service between tenants. Homeowners and home managers who manage commercial premises can use the portal to account for the electrical responsibility of all buildings and units in their rental agreement. You can also use the portal to separate the service on behalf of your customers. However, the installation of an electrical service in a building or commercial entity requires a call to ComEd at 1-877-4-ComEd-1 (1-877-426-6331). Your online account offers you many ways to view and manage your service contracts continuously. By creating an online account, you can enter into agreements with ComEd to provide uninterrupted electricity service to the real estate you manage. It will only take a few minutes! Simply cancel a rental agreement by filling out our owner withdrawal form (pdf). Reduce energy consumption with a free energy assessment that contains free products for rental units and common areas. For more information, see the Multifamily Energy Assessment. Ask for the use and conduct of the billing of the premises for the previous period of 12 months. .

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