Cnsc Collective Agreement

The employer submits that the negotiator`s proposal does not reflect the bargaining model currently established in the federal public service. In this context, and in accordance with the recently concluded/signed CPA agreements, the employer considers that it would be appropriate for the Commission to recommend that the meal allowance be increased to $12 ($12.00) in order to make it compatible with other CPA groups. The employer considers that it would be premature, at this stage, to introduce the rates of pay of the new standards into the collective agreement. The work required by departments and agencies is not complete and cannot provide information on the establishment of these scales. In addition, negotiating winning lines at that time, before the conversion date is known and the allocation of positions to the new standard is better understood, would amount to including empty shells in the collective agreement, since no one would receive these rates for a significant period of time. The employer proposes that the final language of the collective agreement, including any necessary subsequent amendments, be subject to agreement between the parties in a negotiated settlement. The employer proposes a four-year agreement to allow for greater stability and predictability. This would replicate the duration of the last collective agreement between the parties, which covered the period from August 2014 to August 2018. In 2017, the parties reached a collective agreement that dates back to 2014 and expires a year later (in August 2018). This did not allow sufficient time for the parties to know the changes that were negotiated before the PSAC notified the communication to the negotiations for the current round of negotiations. The current collective agreement contains a memorandum of understanding for the revision of the occupational category structure and the reform of the classification. This statement of intent recognizes that classification is an exclusive employer authority and provides for meaningful consultation between the employer and the negotiator.

The employer`s proposal also contains the Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the collective agreement, which was negotiated with all CPA groups and separate agencies. The employer shares the negotiator`s objective of ensuring that collective agreements apply to all workers, regardless of gender. The employer argues that the SV group is not behind in the market with regard to this benefit, which is compatible with the benefit provided for in other collective agreements. Through judicious and good faith negotiations, the Government of Canada has concluded 34 agreements in this round of negotiations covering more than 65,000 federal public service employees.