Bmo Credit Card Cardholder Agreement

c) Each credit transfer is subject to a 1% tax debited from your account on the day the credit transfer to your account is booked. For example, if an amount of $1,000 is transferred to your account, you will be charged a fee of $10. You can request a transfer for only $100, as long as the transfer amount, plus the fee, does not exceed the unused portion of the credit limit on your account. d) If your account has holdings with different interest rates, for example.B. purchases with a standard interest rate and credit transfers with a promotional interest rate, any payment exceeding the minimum is allocated in proportion to those balances, in accordance with the terms set out in Section 14 of the BMO Mastercard Cardholder Agreement. For example, if you have a purchase credit of $800 at the default interest rate and a transfer credit of $200 at a promotional interest rate, 80% of your payment will be allocated to your purchase credit and 20% to your credit. This offer is subject to withdrawal or change without notice. • The top-up offer is calculated on the basis of all authorised purchase transactions that collect Shell base miles during the offer period. The miles earned in combination with the charging offer are a combination of base miles awarded by Shell, base miles awarded by BMO, including any accelerator offer schemes, and charging devices equivalent to 5 times the base miles awarded by Shell. A maximum of 2,500 top-up miles per cardholder may be awarded during the offer period for eligible purchases of convenience store transactions. Not all merchants offer recurring payments and not all current payments are considered “recurring bill payments” and therefore may not earn bonus bonuses. Please check with your reseller to see if your recurring payment qualifies. ‡‡footnote ‡Details, BMO CashBack Mastercard Applications must have been received between May 1, 2020 and October 31, 2021 to receive the 5% Welcome Bonus Offer.

You will receive cashback for every dollar spent (less refunds and without cash advances, Cash-type transactions, interest charges, fees, credit or debit adjustments) as follows: Food Purchases: Get 3% cashback on eligible food purchases (classified by Mastercards “Merchant Category Code” as “grocery stores and supermarkets” MCC 5411) up to a maximum of $500 per billing cycle and an additional 2% cashback bonus for 3 (3) Billing cycles have been spent up to a maximum of $500….