User Experience Level Agreement

Want to learn more about XLA? How do we start? I can recommend you visit the CitrusCollab site and start a dialogue, they have already reformulated sourcing agreements to implement XLA. Basically, keep an eye on your customer experience and prevent your IT department from turning into a melon! Barros cited the example of an IT service provider who quickly repaired an employee`s laptop 15 times in a row, filling the SLA-Helpdesk metrics. But is it a great user experience to repair a laptop? The impact of CX and employee experience on business success is evident and executives see the need to improve employee treatment (see z.B this business review study). Employees are more motivated and stay in the company if they feel they can do the best job possible. And of course, information technology plays an important role in this. Innovative technologies are another tool to improve the user experience. It is time for leading organizations to be pioneers, not supporters. Useful technologies include big data analytics, APIs and their frameworks, and process automation. These technologies allow IT to monitor ease of use and automatically correct processes that don`t work for users.

These technologies can also automate user-oriented communication. Automation can proactively eliminate incidents and reduce service interruptions that can affect ease of use. Because users understand what has been done, they will probably be more involved in the process. Enter EXperience Level Agreements (XLAs). Experience level agreements place the Customer Experience (CX) at the center of the service and ensure that all service interactions and touch points are taken into account when it is defined if the service meets the agreed level of service. In XLAs, we put the results that determine the consumer experience at the heart of our design efforts. This is in stark contradiction to the SLAs, which primarily reflect our delivery perspective, z.B. what we need to do to provide excellent service. To measure usability, next-generation SLAs need to focus on three main elements: DXC also helps customers improve their customer experience with DXC Bionix`s Electricity, our service model for digital generation, which provides large-scale smart automation.

The common goals we have developed with our clients have helped us achieve results beyond traditional service metrics. XLAs can help move IT services beyond the “hygiene factor” when it comes to IT performance, Barros said. Service level agreements ensure the critical hygiene of the technology, but neglect the main objectives of the user experience. In today`s work environment, a strong digital work strategy is simply useful – and user experience with IT services is essential. Marco Giannotten`s book Digital Empathy: When Tech Meets Touch described a world where experience in designing our IT processes would lead. This book triggered a global reaction that became a journey. Today, there is a renaissance of XLAs that reinforce the newly designed customer experience. Major organizations around the world, including Royal Philips, Heineken and Eversource, are launching XLAs.