Strata Agency Agreement

The administrative agency agreement is part of The Books and Records of Owners Corporation. An owner has the right to search books and records at a prescribed cost of $34.10 per hour. This should be ordered directly through the post manager. Before the approval of the post management fee, the rolling board, section head or owner promoter must ensure that the tax is approved: another brokerage organization may be negotiated by a section or contract with the strata management company that recognizes the different interests of the section (s) and Strata. For new posted developments, the promoter can enter into a position management contract: the owner company can hire a licensed post management officer to support the management of the system. An agency agreement sets out the responsibilities of the representative who determines the company that owns it. A post management officer cannot request or accept a gift or other benefit worth more than $60 unless the company is not. You can accept appropriate meals, refreshments and small gifts in recognition of their services. Strata`s management officers face a fine of up to $2,200 if they violate these requirements. The Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) is responsible for licensing, training and discipline of licensees, including Strata property managers and post management companies under the control of the Real Estate Services Act. So let`s see what this post manager did. They are faced with an incredible degree of ignorance and incompetence. The first thing I would do is contact other post managers and ask them to offer for the role (and you could start with our Strata Choice sponsors).

You need to look at the software your proposed post manager uses on your customer portal and how it can be manipulated to generate meaningful and easy-to-find information for owners. Files must be accurately named for this to be possible. If possible, ask the suggested eating strata, contacts other stratas they manage. Talk not only to the President, but also to others within the company after carefully reading the minutes of the general meetings and the Committee. Select these contacts with apparent sizes and configurations you have. The position management company may entrust the provision of services to Strata to different post managers, or the contract may be awarded to another licensed real estate management company. Whether this qualifies or how it is managed can be negotiated in the contract between Strata (or a section) and the post management company.